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"When we first saw Astrid's invitations, we didn't hesitate for a second to commission her to do a personalized wedding illustration of us - thank goodness! We weren't disappointed; the illustration is fantastic! Our guests loved it, and we know that it will make us happy for many years to come!"

Vanessa and Luigi
Former Clients
August 7, 2009

Fully Personalized Save the Date Card, “Vanessa and Luigi"

"After we mailed out our save the date cards with our illustration, EVERYONE immediately wanted to know where they could have something cool like this made for them. Many of them wanted to have more cards, so that they could show our design to other people, as well. And on top of that, I often hear from acquaintances who aren't even invited to our wedding, that they have repeatedly seen our invitation hung up on the wall in numerous people’s homes that they have visited, as decorations - this has been going on for over a year now! ;-)"

Natalie and Philipp
Former Clients
August 7, 2009

"I was looking for a way to breathe new life into my blog, but was bogged down by too many choices. Astrid asked all the right questions and took the time to help me streamline my thoughts. She took my ideas into consideration, and then built on them to create a fun and fresh design that's 100 percent "ME"! "

Kim Petyt
Wedding planner, ParisianEvents.com
July 24, 2009

Stylized illustration and blog header design for wedding planne,
Kim Petyt of ParisianEvents.com and her blog

"Astrid is such a talented designer, and is very energetic and eager to please her clients beyond their expectations.  And, she loves weddings so much, that we knew she was the right fit for 2010 San Francisco Dream Wedding Giveaway Dream Team.

She designed the fabulous logo and header for our own website, which is exactly the look we wanted. A happy bride and groom kissing in front of the Golden Gate Bridge, the illustration is both carefree and modern, and it perfectly portrays the feeling of this contest.

Astrid graciously donated her design and branding services to us, which normally would have cost $1,500.00. So, I definitely want to say THANK YOU again, Astrid for this amazing design! We love it!"

Liz Guthrie
San Jose Wedding Consultants
July 2, 2009

Logo, illustration and header design for the
2010 San Francisco Dream Wedding Giveaway

"We are in love! Harmony is perfect! The skin tone, make up, new gown colour and shading look amazing. We are floating on a cloud right now.

Thank you again for your hard work and your patience with us. "

Stephanie Roberts
Party Productions DJ Service, Canada,
June 19, 2009

Stylized illustration of a fictitious bride: “Harmony” character design
for www.eventfulplanner.ca

"Today, we were on your website -- we were super-excited to see our illustration there! We simply love your work. We would work with you again any time. We are very pleased with our wedding stationery, and we have received many positive compliments. We will certainly recommend you to others. Many, many thanks."

Celine and Armin
Former Clients (H. Switzerland)
April 27, 2009

Fully Personalized Invitation, “Celine and Armin”

"Astrid Mueller is an internationally recognized wedding illustrator and designer. She combines sophistication, glamour and fresh motifs to build her elaborate portfolio of hip, unique characters. The result is one-of-a-kind, modern images for a wide range of tastes. Mueller also creates exclusive designs for brides with her new company, Champagne Promises, where she utilizes the individual visions of her clients to manifest the most romantic custom and semi-custom illustrations for their most important of days. See her current selection at potatomammadesign.com"

her Nashville magazine,
May 5, 2009

Cover illustration for her Nashville magazine

"I have before my eyes the number 7 of the "Migros Magazine", which will be published next week.

I have to tell you how much I like the designs that you've created for us. I find them perfectly suited for the topic St. Valentine. They are likable, original, fresh, and appeal to all generations. I thank you very much and am sending you my congratulations."

Joel Guillet
Editor in Chief, Migros Magazine,
February 5 2009

Illustrations for MIGROS MAGAZINE for the Valentine’s Day edition, 2009

"I have been commissioning Astrid for 4 years. Since this time we have built up a great working relationship which includes her having a good understanding of the style of our magazine. We love her ability to produce different styles depending on the subject she is illustrating - she also has a very strong eye for colour. She can do a very cutsie style right up to a more sophisticated approach.

She is always eager to please. One occasion comes to mind when she was producing a illustration for a client led promotion. Our client kept changing their minds over and over again and everyone was frustrated. Astrid remained flexible and patient at all times when we were pulling our hair out!

We are always pleased with Astrid's work which is very creative and fills our brief entirely. Potato mamma design remains on our books as one of our trusted illustration suppliers."

Sue Large
Senior Designer, You & Your Wedding
November 11, 2008

Illustration for British magazine, You and Your Wedding, to the topic “Hiring Entertainers For the Wedding”.

"When we were challenged with the concept of creating a tool where users could design themselves as brides, we knew the key to making a truly successful product would be the illustrations. We didn’t want anything too cartoonish. Nothing too “sketch-like.” It had to be just right. And with Astrid’s work, we found exactly that.

Not only were Astrid’s designs on target, but working with her was a joy as well. I feel like she got just as excited as we did as our tool was coming to life.

We look forward to creating more illustrations with Astrid as the My Inner Bride tool expands!"

Lisa Z. Padnes
Project Manager, the knot Inc.
October 14, 2008

Illustrations for the online tool “My Inner Bride” for www.theknot.com

"Our main concern was whether the illustrations of us would be modern and fit our taste, without being too cheesy.  Your designs really suited a modern, contemporary look we were looking for.

We were very happy with the collaboration.  We thought at first it would be very difficult, especially since we had never met before, but in the end, it seemed that you understood very clearly out needs and wants.

I liked that everything was very personal.  You knew what we liked, what we didn't like, and that was incorporated in your designs.  I especially liked that you kept some aspects of ourselves, like the Japanese flowers to reflect my Japanese ethnicity, or the cute little minis, which is very important to Stefan."

Martha H.
Former Client
September 5, 2008

Fully-personalized illustration and wedding invitation design for “Martha and Stefan”

 “Illustrator Astrid Mueller helped transform (the article) “10 Great Looks, and Yes, They’re All Under $100” into a literal work of art. We’re smitten with her fanciful, feminine graphics.”

Woman’s Day magazine
April 17, 2007

Illustrations in combination with photography for a fashion stretch in Woman’s Day magazine



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