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We are here to help make your wedding unforgettable and your shopping with us a worry-free experience. I’m proud to say that I only work with vendors that I would also recommend to my best friend or, at that, to the mother-in-law of the next Hollywood celebrity bride-to-be. We make sure all your items purchased from us are perfect. With a team of quality experts checking all personalized items—rest assured that your order with us is of complete and top quality.  You should expect nothing less.  And, we will not send an item that does not meet our high standards!

Our "Ready to Order" Boutique, currently hosted by zazzle.com, is our budget- friendly alternative to our personalized services. You can choose from existing designs, customize your products yourself, and handle all the ordering directly. Please note, however, that we are not involved in your order process, don’t hand-examine your products before shipment, track your order, or address any other customer concerns  because we will not be involved in your order (hence the lower price).

Rest assured, however, we have tested all of our boutique products ourselves before making them available to you and confirm that they are all of good quality. You can track your orders online yourself, and if something should come up, zazzle has good customer support services online. Please always let us know, however, if something should not be to your fullest satisfaction – we rely on your feedback to continuously improve our services. You can contact us via email at info@champagnepromises.com or call us toll-free at (800) 618-2165.

If you are looking for personalized services, such as design alterations, letterpress printing, unique formats, or other out-of-the-ordinary offerings, our online boutique will not be for you – Instead, please have a look at our personalized design services or contact us right away, and we’ll be happy to make you a personalized offer.


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