Can't find what you're looking for? Don't have time to browse through our FAQ section? No problem -- Astrid loves to hear from you! Just email her at astrid@champagnepromises.com with any questions you may have or call us toll-free at (800) 618-2165.

Q:  What does “customizing” mean?
A:  Customizing means that an existing design or product can be adapted to your preference. For instance, if you like a design we have featured on our site, but would like it to look more like you, to be changed to incorporate your wedding colors, or otherwise be altered, we are more than happy to customize it for you, so that it will be the perfect match to your dream wedding. In our "Ready to Order" Boutique, you can’t change the designs, but you can customize the text.

Q: What does “personalize” mean?

A:  Personalizing is another word for customizing. Astrid can take an illustration and adapt it personally to fit the needs of you and your partner. She can also personalize an illustration for you (semi-personalized), based on previously completed illustrations. This option doesn’t reflect you and your groom personally to the extent that a brand new illustration concept would, but it is more budget-friendly. If you are interested in a fully personalized illustration, where everything is exclusive and new, just call us for a phone appointment (800) 618-2165, contact Astrid at Bridal Inquiry Form.

Q: What does the personalized design process consist of?
A: To create a personalized design for you and your groom, Astrid starts with asking a lot of questions. You have the opportunity to tell her as much or as little as you like about you and your dream wedding – the more she knows, the more she can personalize your wedding. She can even visualize your wedding location, your pet or your very unique wedding gown in your illustration!

To tell Astrid about yourself, you can either fill in our Bridal Inquiry Form or make a phone appointment with us (call us toll- free at (800) 618-2165). After Astrid has enough information and your down-payment, she will start designing for you, with initial sketches. With your feedback, she then designs your rough illustration and card design (if you ordered stationery). After fine-tuning your design in collaboration with you, she creates print-ready files for you, for your review before anything is produced. After your approval, Astrid is ready to apply your design to as many wedding accessories or stationery items as you would like – she can style your wedding in a most personalized way – with your own illustration!

Q: What is the wait time for a personalized illustration?
A: The earlier you contact Astrid, the better. She only accepts new design inquiries if she can dedicate enough time for your unique project in order to provide you with the best service possible. Her designs are in high demand, and at times there is a waiting list. She works on a first come, first serve basis.

From the time you contact Astrid, to your finished wedding invitations, including production, it is best to reserve at least six-to-eight weeks. The more time is available, the more room for creativity there is – unique production methods, design concepts and special product ideas may not be possible on short notice. Contacting Astrid at your earliest convenience will also free up time for yourself, so that you don’t have to rush with corrections and proofreading or with making other important decisions, such as choosing your wedding colors,  A shorter delivery time may be possible, but a rush fee may apply.

Q: Does someone have to commit to buying a certain number of packages/products before they can see their personalized design?
A: No. The order process doesn’t start until after you review and approve your illustration. Up until then, you can still change order quantities or types of products that you’d like to order. Astrid will work with you very closely: First, she will ask you a lot of questions to get a feeling for who you are and how you envision your dream wedding. Along the design process, you will first see initial sketches, a rough illustration, a near finished illustration and then the finished design for last approval before production.

Q: If I like a design, but not the colors, can you change them for me?
A: Absolutely! We also call this a “semi-personalized design”. Feel free to ask us what you are specifically interested in and we will be happy to make you a pricing offer based on your needs. The time for such a design change varies greatly, and is therefore billed hourly, at our hourly rate of $125 (Minimum charge $200).

Q: Where can I find other designs by Astrid Mueller?
A:  Astrid’s work has been featured in The Knot, You and Your Wedding, Marie Claire, Diesel, Woman’s Day, and a long list of other publications. You can find a great deal more of Astrid’s extraordinary portfolio work, as well as a list of international clients at www.PotatoMammaDesign.com, which is her Swiss based illustration and design company. While ChampagnePromises.com is your starting point for personalized wedding illustrations, stationery and accessories, you can also find exciting products for your wedding in our "Ready to Order" Boutique. The designs in our “Ready to Order” Boutique are sold “as is”, but if you would like us to personalize a design that you find there, Astrid will be happy to change it to suit your needs.

Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: Absolutely! We will include a shipping cost estimate in your personalized offer. Please note that international orders take approximately 1-2 weeks longer in ship-time, so please plan accordingly when ordering.

Q: What is the difference between an illustration and a graphic design?
A: In short, an illustration is the image, while a graphic design is the process of designing the entire layout of a printed product (text and images), such as a wedding invitation.

Q: Can Astrid create a wedding illustration based on a specific theme?
A: Yes! She will be excited to hear from you! Astrid's personalized design services include blog header design, logo design, business card design, stationery, the creation of a stylized illustration figure of yourself for advertising and more. Contact her today for a quote for your project!


Q: Does Astrid also design for wedding vendors?
A: Yes! She will be excited to hear from you! Astrid's personalized design services include blog header design, logo design, business card design, stationery, the creation of a stylized illustration figure of yourself for advertising and more. Contact her today for a quote for your project!

Q: I would like to commission only an illustration and make my own products for my wedding. Is this possible?
A: You bet! Once Astrid creates an illustration for your wedding, you can use it as much as you like for your own personal usage. Did you know that Astrid has a range of outstanding contacts with product designers in the wedding industry, who can create unique wedding products for you? And, that Astrid can also suggest new, unique wedding accessories that will match perfectly with your event? All Champagne Promises products have been tested for best production quality and will also be individually quality approved before passed on to you.

While you are free to create your own favors or accessories that feature your illustration, it is worth asking Astrid first what Champagne Promises could do for you. You will sleep better knowing that Champagne Promises is happy to support you with creative ideas, guarantee the best quality and will hand-examine each item before sending it to you (except for “Ready to Order” online boutique products). Ask us today for a free quote!

Q: I know exactly which colors, flowers and style I would like at my wedding. Can Champagne Promises create matching designs and products?
A: Yes, this is Astrid's specialty! She will listen to ALL your wishes first, and then suggest a design and product concept that makes your wedding dreams come true. Almost anything is possible--the sky (or the budget) is the limit. Care for an illustration that is printed on wood and in a vintage art-deco style to reflect your nautical wedding on a 1920’s retro yacht?  

Q What is the difference between an illustration, a caricature and a portrait?
A: Caricatures take a person's features and exaggerate them, usually in a funny way. A portrait is a life-like drawing, painting or illustration that depicts a person in a realistic fashion. Illustrations done by Astrid Mueller are neither caricatures nor portraits. Astrid's illustrations capitalize on your best traits, and will make you look pretty, in a stylized and elegant way.


Q: I need invitations in a foreign language. Can Astrid design wedding invitations for me, too?
A: Yes, she would be happy to! Astrid’s mother language is German, and she speaks and writes fluently in English, as well as has good knowledge of French and Italian. She can also design in other languages: she just finished a wedding stationery suite for a German - Croatian couple in two languages without a problem. All Astrid needs is your text in digital format in your language and special care from your end with the proofreading. If things should get a little tricky (such as with Chinese lettering), Astrid has contacts within the industry to assist with the critical parts of the design process. As with all designs, Astrid always asks for proofreading by the clients, before anything is printed.

Q: I am dreaming about a unique wedding that is "totally us", and I'm looking for ideas. Can Astrid help me?
A: Yes! Personalization is our specialty. We are constantly on the lookout for unique, new products and professional product designers who can create new, romantic and fun wedding accessories for our customers. Just tell us about yourself and we will be happy to suggest not only a unique design concept, but also possibly brand new product ideas for you, which could be the perfect match for your dream wedding, and make wonderful keepsakes for later.


Q: Why can't I find more information regarding exact pricing of illustrations and packages?
A: While the products in ourReady to Order” Online Boutique are easy to calculate (you buy "as is"), this website shows mostly personalized designs – our specialty. The products and designs you see here are totally unique and differ widely, as do the weddings and tastes of our clients. In our pricing section, you will find rough guidelines for the pricing, to give you a better idea of our product/service costs. As soon as we know more about your dream wedding, we will make you a FREE personalized pricing offer.

To give you a rough estimate: Pricing for new, personalized illustrations starts at $550, while wedding invitation packages start at US $1100 (without illustration) and $1450 (with new illustration). Adaptation of an existing illustration for you starts at US $200. Each wedding is unique, and so are our services – we always tailor our designs and products to what our clients personally need and love. To be able to give you a cost estimate, we will therefore first need to know what you need. We will then be happy to make you a personalized offer, free, and without any obligation on your side.

Q: Can you offer calligraphy services?
A: We don’t offer calligraphy services yet, but we have a number of great contacts in the industry which we will be happy to recommend to you.


Q: Can you help with traditional wedding invitation wording?
A: While Champagne Promises wedding stationery and accessories are festive, graceful and stylish, and can be a wonderful design element, even at a classical wedding, our products are more modern than traditional. Therefore, we don’t specialize in traditional wedding stationery etiquette; instead, we specialize in unique solutions that may be considered a little non-traditional. We will assist you where we can, but we generally recommend that you supply us with the finalized wording of your choice.




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