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Fully Personalized Invitations:

Looking for the ultimate design that is unique to you and your wedding? Then, you will love the idea of a personalized design for your wedding. How about a stylized fashion illustration of yourself? The sample you see here was designed for another couple, according to their unique personality, taste and style. If you’re interested in your own design, that will be “totally you”, just fill out the Bridal Inquiry Form. You will find that the best is yet to come!

The best part is, you can use the same illustration throughout your wedding and give your special day a professional and unified look! Astrid has created cake toppers for couples before (yes, with their own illustration of themselves!), t-shirts, church booklets and even candles. Imagine what you would do-- the sky is the limit!

Fully Personalized Invitation, “Celine and Armin”

For this happy couple, “Celine and Armin’s” theme included an illustration of their personal ceremony location on an exquisite island in the Italian part of Switzerland. The location is famous for its botanical garden and mansion that the couple chose to incorporate into their design. Shown here are their save the date card and wedding invitation (top right).

Fully Personalized Invitation, “Martha and Stefan”

“Martha and Stefan” was created to display the coming together of a Japanese-American bride from San Francisco and a Swiss groom who loves a particular German-British car. Their international love and interests are perfectly displayed by reflecting the essence of the couple’s Japanese and Swiss cultures and the joining of their lives. The design opens in the front and when it's closed, the couple kisses! Perfect for couples wishing to announce or display their personalities and love while sharing the promise of their future with their loved ones.

Fully Personalized Save the Date Card, “Vanessa and Luigi”

When Vanessa kissed the right frog, she found her “prince” in Luigi. Displayed with cute cartoon frogs, crowns, a big ring and their Chihuahua dog, the illustration exhibits the spontaneity, love and the romantic whim surrounding an unforeseen proposal of Vanessa and Luigi. Representing a perfect moment, celebrated with champagne and the joining of two souls in an epic binding of hearts. Marked by respect, love and champagne promises for a long and prosperous future, you can have your ideal silhouette designed to mark the notable circumstances of your engagement day so those dear to your can grasp the passion in your most prized relationship. 

Have your ideal silhouette designed to mark the notable circumstances of your engagement day so those dear to your can grasp the passion in your most prized relationship. 

“When I create a personalized design, I first ask a lot of questions. I try to get to know the couple by learning about their hobbies, pets, favorite colors, quirks and their wedding theme - anything that they would like to share with me.” – Astrid Mueller

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