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Rates for Personalized Design

You only pay for your own personalized illustration once. After that, we can create as many fantastic wedding accessories or stationery items with your illustration as you like, with no additional charge for the illustration.

Fully Personalized Wedding Illustration:
A new, unique and stylized fashion illustration of you and your groom: Starting at $550.

Semi-Personalized Wedding Illustration:
Adaptation of an existing illustration to make it look more like you and your groom: depending on the number and type of changes. Billed by the hour, at a rate of $125/hr, with a minimum starting price of $200.

Wedding Stationery Packages:
Including graphic design, printing of 100 wedding invitations, envelopes and RSVP cards. With illustration, pricing starts at $1450; Without illustration (if you already paid for it earlier), pricing starts at $1100.

Individual Design Services:
Billed by the hour, at a rate of $125/hr.

Modern Wedding Accessories:
Production set-up fee: Around $50, depending on product. Pricing depends on the product and starts at $1 per item (our unique cupcake toppers)! Illustration cost is billed separately (only once).

These prices are just rough guidelines. Every wedding is unique, and so are you! Tell us what you are interested in and we will make you a personalized offer that fits your needs.  




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