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Semi-Personalized Wedding Invitations:

Do you love the idea of your own fashion illustration, but have a limited budget? Don’t despair. Astrid can still help you with your dream of a personalized, modern wedding!

Start by choosing your favorite illustration from any of Astrid's creations shown throughout her website. Then, send Astrid photos and tell her what you’d like changed (see example below).   After she has received your requests for change, Astrid will then create your own semi-personalized illustration.  The fewer the changes, the lower the price!

Example for a Semi-Personalized illustration:

The following original design created by Astrid for Swarovski is a great example of a semi-personalized design, as it was adapted for You and Your Wedding magazine in London. Usually, a semi-personalized design is less expensive than a fully-personalized design, depending on the amount of changes requested.

1. Choose your favorite illustration

Original illustration “Stella”, for Swarovski

2. Send us photos and tell us your wishes

These were the changes that You and Your Wedding magazine asked for

3. Enjoy your own, semi-personalized illustration!

This was the finished illustration for You and Your Wedding magazine

Can you imagine having your invitations match your actual dress and admiring you and your groom as a modern, stylized illustration? Amazing!

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